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Rated 5 out of 5 stars


"I live in Tucson. My car alternator failed when we went to Phoenix. It was Saturday evening around 6.00 PM. All rental place was closed. When I called owzo auto they were open and agreed to rent me. Entire process was done online and I had to pick up the car from their parking lot. I left my car in front.of repair shop and got Uber to pick up rental car at parking lot. The whole process was very smooth and the price was very reasonable. I will definitely rent it again with them."


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

fabian castillo

"Amazing service I had a bit of an emergency car would not make it to my destination and We could not find anyone that accepted a debit card and the ones that did required perfect credit. Owzo was amazing and really helped us out they were quick convenient and very reasonable with their prices. Will definitely recommend and use their services in the future."


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Shemaiah Lacey

"Great rental experience I was looking everywhere for a rental. Owzo I found last minute convienantly the pick up location was across the street from my house. He let me get the car at 730 at night. The whole process was online I simply paid and picked up, then dropped it off when I was done. Not a hassle like major rental car companies. I would definitely rent again. Not to mention everything with the car was great"

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    Paperless procedures give you the option to fill up the forms and book online. From registering to payment to car pickup to returns. No need to visit the office or make close contact.


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    Trust Owzo for providing the most affordable car rental service in Phoenix, AZ. We have competitive rates and great cars to provide you full value for money.

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    We bring you the opportunity to drive your own car to anywhere, any time without needing a driver to step in your privacy. Enjoy your ride with the freedom you need.

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