About us

Enjoy moving around the city in a practical and economical way.

Owzo is the new, smart professional car rental which provides our customers with a hassle-free, easy and contact less service within the bounds of Arizona. We are based in Phoenix, Arizona and serve our valued customers across the state and beyond, to some adjacent areas.

We provide the smartest way of car sharing designed for Arizonians. You can always count on Owzo for:

  • Flexibility

    Our focus of service is the flexibility. You can carpool or pick up the ride and drop it in various locations, depending on your convenience.
  • Accommodation

    Accommodate as many people as you wish, getting you and others from one place to another, with much more room for your friends.
  • Fleet

    We have a large fleet of vehicles, providing affordable travel and an environmentally friendly approach.
  • Paperless service

    we pride ourselves in offering entirely paperless services, with no contact. You can register and book online, pay online and pick up and park anywhere.