Enjoy moving around the city in a practical and economical way.

  • Operation fee

     6 %
    To be eligible for insurance as a car share operator, OWZO is required to charge an annual fee.
  • Lost keys

     $ 300
    Cost to replace key(s), depending on key type.
  • Exceed miles fee

     $ 0.25
    Maxime allowance per date are 200 miles.
  • Excessive cleaning fee

     $ 80
    Extra cleaning fee for things like pet hair, smoking etc. Depending on uncleanliness of vehicle determined at OWZO’s sole discretion.
  • Damage fee/deductible

    up to  $ 1000
    Member responsible for at fault vehicle damage up to the $1000 deductible. Excluding Vehicle Damage that occurs in violation of the OWZO Member Agreement.
  • Towing ticket charge & processing fee (when vehicle impounded)

     $ 150
    Member will be charged for all towing fees plus a $150 OWZO processing fee to have the car retrieved from the tow yard.
  • Fuel fee

    $ 65
    Rate charged if not return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel.